Thursday, October 28, 2010

Something's Missing: My Twin

I just realized when looking at my big, writer's cramp-length entry from yesterday that something is missing from it.  While my twin appeared embedded in it, she actually deserves her own bullet point, and ticker tape parade for helping me with not buying anything new this year.  Let me elaborate:
  • She showed me how to get started with a blog when blog was just an idea in my head, but I'd never actually even looked at one.
  • She explained some realities of social media to me.
  • She likes to do fun, no new things with me, like writing.
  • She nudged me to post more and more regularly (and has done so consistently since January).
  • She is unfailingly enthusiastic.  Knowing that someone specific is reading it is helpful, and especially at first being able to count on an audience of at least one kept some momentum going.
  • I can always talk her into giving or lending me stuff I need but can't buy!  (i.e.: the kettle off her kitchen counter, 'Hey listen, Tena, you don't drink much coffee anyway, right?...')
  • Sometimes she has sold, given or lent me stuff with the tags still on it, giving me the pseudo-thrill of shopping.
  • She has generously bought me things this year (I did not ask her to - that would be against my ground rules) which helped me out.
  • She has hooked me up with cool sites, books, and people.
  • She learned how to knit mittens and is making me a pair, and is an integral part of Stitch & Bitch nights too.
So, thanks TwinTwo.

Now I've got to finalize my Halloween Costume for this evening's work party.  Using only things I already have (not buying anything), it looks like I may end up being something very scary this year - a Conservative.  I'm going to wear a 'Stephen Harper' t-shirt and my rainbow hat.  I hope I don't frighten too many people with my costume.

xo Tara

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Tena Laing said...

Thanks for the shoutout - TwinOne! Glad I could help xo