Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Stage Time


It's the day before payday and I've been feeling the pinch.  Yes, we still live in a way that payday is noticeable and the days leading up to it, lean.

But, not everything is wrong with the world.  I've been switching my 'Complaint Free World' bracelet a little less often - meaning I'm complaining less.  However, I've yet to go a day without switching, so my 21 days complaint free goal is a ways off.  Hopefully the bracelet and I will both make it intact.  We are coming up to a long weekend and I am looking forward to wreaking a bit of domestic felicity around the home, including a family grocery shopping trip to a sensibly priced store (read-not the corner store).  My wife is less than delighted with such outings, so I will likely need to use my firm, no nonsense tone of voice.

I've booked a couple of days off late next week, and two more days in November, so I'll soon be getting a bit of vegging out time.  I could really use it.

My new job is working out nicely.  They seem  to like me and I definitely like them.  I've been dressing up to a higher standard on a daily basis and this actually feels good.  I've also been putting an effort into being a more social and leisure-doing creature, which also feels good.

Last night my wife had a small comedy show with friends and students of hers.  She opened up the mic at the end and encouraged people to come up (by name) and tell a story.  I ended up getting up and telling about 5 jokes I wrote almost 2 years ago as a surprise for her just before our wedding.  It was very fun, and much more relaxing than the wedding show where I was SO nervous.  I'll share one small one with you, since you may have missed it:

"The only men who don't like the thought of two girls kissing, are the fathers of lesbians.  Actually one of our father's famously said, 'You know I love Dawn and Tara, I just wish they had boyfriends.'  I have to say, though, my Dad has come a long way.  Dad recently told me that since he's let the cat out of the bag and finally started telling all his buddies about Dawn and I, it turns out every one's got a lesbian daughter up in Toronto.  I guess these days back in Newfoundland, lesbian daughters are the new black.  That's how cool my dad is."

How's that for non-passive leisure?

Still nothing new purchased - 9 months and 5 days into 2010.

xo Tara