Sunday, October 24, 2010

Stats from the Trenches

Hey there,

My twin pointed out it's been 8 long days since my last post.  Not very disciplined of me.  I must admit to getting a bit off routine.  Yesterday though, I got re-energized about blogging by my little brother, whose funny money blog I mentioned not long ago.  He showed me on his iPhone at the cottage, how I can look up 'stats' on my blog and see all kinds of things.  Things like what post of mine was the most popular.  (Since July anyway, when stats function began).  I never would have known otherwise.

It showed all the countries people are looking at my blog from.  Top 10 includes:

  • Canada
  • US
  • Brazil
  • Russia
  • Netherlands
  • Mexico
  • South Korea
  • Peru
  • India 
  • Malta
Pretty cool, eh?

It also showed things like the graph of how views were distributed across time.  Not surprisingly, this month since I've not posted much, my views have dipped from September, when my views reached an all time high.  

Another quirky stat is Search Words that your blog comes up for, and on the top of my list?  'Beat to a snot'.  A favourite expression of mine (denoting fatigue) that is a regular back home in Newfoundland.

I find all this really interesting because before yesterday I really had no way of gauging how many people check out my blog and when, since very few of the people who come by to visit make comments.  I suppose I might look into ways to get more commentary and discussion going.  I know that one of my goals before the end of the year is to get some more organized and permanent content up front on my blog to make it easier to see some of the things I've learned and used this year to help me with not buying anything new.

I'll just catch you up briefly on what's been going on in the Nothing New world since we last met.  I had my girl's reunion in London and it was great!  Cindy, who is also trying to decrease her consumption and reads my blog surprised me with a gift (if you recall, I am allowed to accept gifts!) of an adorable purse from Weezi.  She likes to use vintage patterns and fabrics.  Also, on a thriftiness note, we went out for drinks to an old spot we all had worked in university, and for brunch the next day, but otherwise had a great meal and drinks at Sarah's house and it was so fun and relaxing and just reminded me I need to do more friend outreach and visiting in homes (both at my place and away).

I've definitely been working hard on my resolutions from The Joy of Not Working (aka more non-passive leisure).  I've been doing more crafty stuff, more writing, and working on a video project.

I also have been trying out some recipes on the blog of Squalkfox, whose blog I mentioned not long ago.  A lot of her stuff is on money and if her tag line is correct will apparently help me make frugal living 'sexy, delicious, and fun'.  All that with a crock pot of her baked beans.  We'll see...

Okay, so what else is going on?  I've gotten semi used to my new job where I am still running to keep up.  But enjoying it.  I will be taking a Mindfulness Meditation course through my work starting November 8th, and I am really looking forward to forcing myself to take a breather and stop time traveling to ruminate about the past or worry about the future, and get good at just 'being'.  I think that ties in with the Nothing New theme too.  Shopping is often about boredom and dissatisfaction.  

On the topic of boredom, our go-to-girl on happiness gave this fabulous advice that I've been smiling out loud to this week:  If something bores you, try putting the word 'Meditation' after it.  As in, 'I'm doing my Bus Waiting Meditation'.  Puts a new spin on it.  Kind of like someone else I once read who said when trying something new to ward off people's opinions and nay saying, you can say 'I'm experimenting with...'  I think he meant something like a healthy change or something difficult that people are likely to pass judgement on.  'Experimenting with' makes it more playful and takes some of the heat off of having to succeed or be perfect.  As in 'I'm experimenting with a No Spend Week.'  I wish I could remember who wrote it.

Plan:  I want to see if I can get another 'No Spend Week' challenge going.  I think I will check in with the champ at Consumption Rebellion who rounded up the troops for the last one.  Maybe we can get it to coincide with the 'Buy Nothing Day' in November.

So, I'm off to work on that sexy crock pot of beans.  I'll let you know how she goes.

xo Tara


Cindy said...

so very wonderful to catch up with you!!!! Thanks for making the trip!
promise to road trip to TO soon!

No New is Good News said...

Yes, we still need to do the tour of vintage stores in Toronto :) xo Tara