Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Wining not Whining

I didn't mention this earlier, because I am trying very hard (and with mild to modest success) to complain less.  Well actually, I trying to not complain at all.  Very tough.  But for the purposes of this story, I will share the fact that I hurt my knee last night.  And as the day wore on today, as gravity, walking etc. took it's toll, it felt worse and worse.  Enter sweetness.

I bump into my hairdresser on the train two subway stops from home.  We say hey and chat a bit.  I end up telling her that I blew out my knee, am feeling it and pretty eager to get home.  We get off at the same stop and my limp is a fairly obvious thing.  She suggests an Epsom salt bath.  I happily relay that I have Epsom salts at home but say (not in a complaining tone, mind you) 'I wish I had some whiskey to go with them.'  She says, 'Well do you have any wine?' Sadly, I had to report that I did not.  Then, she proceeds to open her bag and hand me a bottle of red wine.  'I just picked up two bottles.  Go home, take that bath, then get your leg up in the air and enjoy some of this yummy wine.'  Random acts of kindness.  Just what the world needs more of! 

I'm off to get supine.

Thanks Ruth.

xo Tara

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