Tuesday, November 16, 2010

6 Takers So Far

With 7 full shopping days left until NO SPEND WEEK begins on Wed. the 24th of November, I have 6 takers thus far!  You still have a week to commit if you are on the fence...As for me, I am so happy to have some company on this and look forward to hearing people's updates as we go.

I did make that long awaited health purchase today.  You may remember I said a while back I was going to be buying white runners for working in buildings with bed bugs.  It was recommended as the best way to spot them and prevent them from traveling on your clothing etc.  Ugh. Well, the cheapest comfortable ones I could find at Zeller's were $49.95.  I brought them with a heavy heart up to the cash.  I knew I had to have them for my peace of mind and my aching back at work.  Well, I'm still cackling with delight over what happened.  They scanned at $5.00.  The sales clerk double checked then called her supervisor who scuttled off.  She came back and said, 'She gets them for $5, but get the rest of them off the shelves now!'  Two stock boys were dispatched post haste to get my bargain shoes off the shelves and all the nearby cashiers came over to examine the shoes and shake their heads and exclaim, 'You sure got lucky!'  I've become a bit of a cheapskate about spending this year, so this definitely tickled me.

For art everyday month, I'll catch you up on yesterday and today.  I've begun a mindfulness course, so part of my homework is doing things mindfully, which I've discovered kind of turns everything into art.  I will be mindfully making some spaghetti sauce shortly...  But in a more traditional fashion, I've been furiously and artfully knitting away the last two days.  I plan to do more once I'm done blogging, before I start cooking.  I've also got homework of doing a body scan meditation daily until next Monday's class.  It is interesting to note how much our minds wander when we try to focus on our body or our breathing or the present.  Also, it ends up being quite deeply relaxing, which is not the purpose, so I have to work a hard at times not to doze off during it.  But, ending up feeling relaxed, intentionally or not, I am all for.

My efforts at upping my non-passive leisure are continuing as well as my friend outreach.  I've had lunch with one coworker-friend last week and will have lunch with another this week.  I'm also meeting up with 3 coworker-friends for after work drinks and catch up on Friday, then seeing two sisters later on.  The countdown is also on for my two year anniversary and I am busily working on some sweet little plans for that.


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RollerScrapper said...

Isn't it awesome when things work out like that? I'm getting ready for our challenge, although for my personal month challenge I bought a book today...but I did keep it at work so it's not like I brought anything into my home... :)