Thursday, November 4, 2010

Art is Jokes

The Internet was on the fritz last night, so I'm only able to post now.  I wanted to tell you about day three of art every day November.  I decided that, since after work I was going to a comedy show my wife was performing stand up in yesterday, I would write jokes for my 'art'.  It seemed thematically appropriate and a fun stretch.

The only time I have purposely written jokes before was for our wedding show almost two years ago (a few of which I ended up getting up and spontaneously sharing in Stage Time last month).  That time I laboured for two months in the writing and was very nervous and pressured.  Yesterday, my goal was to pull ideas from what I saw on the way to the show, or else just think about what was going on for me in general.   It was fun - almost like a game.  I had 5 'seedling' ideas by the time I was eating my supper and sipping on a drink waiting for the show to start.  I ended up with 2 jokes and 3 things to look at another day.

Since you've been kind enough to visit this page, I'll share one with you, but be generous.  I'm a novice.

Sometimes you notice things in your life that seem to point to the passage of time.  For example, I used to get pretty excited about putting on a leather kilt and going out to a fetish party.  Now, I get excited if I can use up all the vegetables in the fridge before they go bad.  

Anyway, let's see what today brings me.  I'm looking forward to it.

I got lots of compliments on my new t-shirt scarf yesterday.  And my great aunt, who is coming to visit for knitting and dinner on Saturday just called to offer me some extra knitting needles, so I'm going to go through what I've got and tell her the gaps in my collection so perhaps she can fill then for me, so I won't need to buy new ones...

xo Tara

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