Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Art of Showing Up

Hi there,

I ended up doing the not-so-conventional art of babysitting last night.  A good friend asked me to pinch hit at the last minute.  So my art for the day ended up being not what I intended.  I feel good about helping out a pal and also I walked to work yesterday and the day before, for a grand total of 2 days in a row.  This is just 19 days short of a new good habit, if my sources are correct.

Monday's art was more on track.  I worked on one of my jokes from last week while I was waiting for my wife's comedy show at the Rivoli to start.  Part of art, I'm told, is just showing up and working on the stuff you've got.  Sometimes that is harder work than just pulling ideas out of thin air, but worthy of effort and necessary.  My seedling joke still needs lots of wordsmithing.  It's interesting how what makes me laugh out loud about that guy with the droopy drawers doing the hip-hop walk down the street is so hard to put into words.

I've started making social plans for my No Spend Week.  The plans need to be at people's homes, unless they are free events, or else my temptation-resistance skills will be tested severely.  Also, when I run out of supplies at home (or get bored of my choices) visiting others will be a way to get me some variety.  Particularly in the food and beverage categories.  I remember the harrowing events of my last No Spend Week where I had to fling myself on the mercy of others to get fizzy water more than once.

Talk to you soon,
xo Tara

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