Saturday, November 6, 2010


Day 6 of art everyday month.  And a just plain nice day.  I had brunch with sissy junior (the pet name for all of our baby sisters).  Our sister and her beau were in town so we had lunch at a locovore type place near me.  We also got to hang out with our youngest cousin.  The one who is about 40 years younger.  Pretty cute.

Then, we got to party with my great aunt Joan and her friend Georgina.  They came to visit my wife and I.  My twin came too.  This time we got to be the 40-years-younger ones.  Well, not quite 40, but you get the gist.  I made them dinner while we got their news.  I also got gifted a bunch of extra knitting needles in sizes I didn't have, a nice new candle, and some tips on how to make slippers.  I had lost the pattern I had scribbled from when my Nanny showed me back in January.  Great aunt Joan wrote out the pattern - she knew it by heart. The ladies knit while I cooked up a 'salt-free supper'.  It turned out very well.  I made my own shake and bake with bread crumbs, lemon zest, Mrs. Dash, and dried oregano; plus I tried a mushroom rice recipe and roasted a whack of vegetables in the oven.

Having my great aunt Joan over was very nice, but a little sad.  She is the youngest sister of my Nanny, who died in June and sometimes when she laughs she looks  a lot like her.  I also showed her our wedding album.  My 2 year anniversary is coming up.  I have a few regrets about only coming out to her recently, and therefore she was not included in our wedding etc.  I was too chicken to talk to her about it for a long time - afraid she'd tell my very religious grandmother, her sister.  I probably will never be sure I did right by not telling Nanny such an important thing about myself, but we'll never know.  We did have a sweet relationship to the last, so that is something.  And in the meantime, I am renewing a real relationship with full disclosure with Aunt Joan.  We can make life so complicated.  Or so simple.

I guess for today's art a few things went down.  I cooked artfully, since I tried a new recipe.  Also, after everyone went off, I hauled out my little bedazzling jewelry tin and made a couple of pairs of  earrings in black and silver.  Not too flashy, not too complicated, but they fill a definite gap in my earring wardrobe.  It's harder than you'd think to try and take a visible picture of your earrings.  Now I'm going to sit back with my feet up and a hot drink and work on some more knitting.

At Stitch and Bitch last night, we had fun and stayed up too late.  I got to teach my sister's roommate David to knit and how to make my famous t-shirt scarf.  Our knitting friends joked that since he's new in town he obviously didn't have many options for his Friday night.  But he was a great sport about it.  My friend Sarah said she thought I was doing a lot with working so much and then trying to do all this daily hobby craft kind of stuff.  But I think it's been paying off with me feeling good this month.  If all I do is collapse after work then I don't get to enjoy any richness out of my time. All the good stuff I do is for the office or others.  I'm definitely enjoying feeling like a creator in my small micro way.  Starting to create a pile of homemade gifts for Christmas.  I'd better get the word out to all my relations so they don't buy me a car or something then feel stiffed when they get their fuzzy, woolly, handcraft from me. 

xo Tara

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