Friday, November 19, 2010

Creative Cooking

I spent the day in bed after about a 90 minute stint at work.  It wasn't working for me, I felt pretty cruddy.  Not to worry, I feel much better after a session with my Neti Pot, followed by a long nap.   It is a very strange sensation to pour saline into one nostril until it comes out the other, but soothing nonetheless.

When I got up I decided to combine art and cooking by trying out a new recipe from Budget Bytes.  This was a pasta with butternut squash, spinach and blue cheese.  I improvised because I like my food more chunky and was too lazy to puree the squash after roasting it in tiny bites in the oven.  It turned out rich and sweet and savory and delicious to both of us.

I was able to share a laugh with my wife when I showed her my original anniversary gift.  I knit her a 'floppy hat' out of organic cotton (year two is the 'cotton' anniversary).  It turned out about the size of a toilet bowl cover and I haven't had a change to get a tutorial and retry it.  We both had a laugh as she tried it on and it came down over her shoulders.  I'm going to try and shrink it.  I did stay up late last night making her another kind of creative gift.  It will be a surprise for our actual anniversary date on Monday, November 22nd.  I'll share more with you then.

Okay, I'm off to bond with two of my sisters.  One is in town briefly and we are meeting up at my twin's house.  There will likely be more arts and crafts there as well as hanging out and having a laugh.

Happy Friday,
xo Tara

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