Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Day 17 of Art Every Day Month - Poetic Plums


It's getting late so I won't tarry long.  To be frank, I still have to do my mindfulness homework, -- a 30+ minute body scan.  But I will check in re: my day and my day's art.

The day was good and creepy.  An education session about Bed Bugs at job 2 in the a.m.  Then off to job 1 for the p.m.  Busy, Busy, Busy.  Then back to job 2 for evening part of p.m.  It could have been fun -- a film festival, but one gal who showed immediately got a scary nosebleed that wouldn't let up.  I ended up bringing her to emergency.  Ended okay eventually, but no film fest, and much blood later.

For art, I decided to go tres simple.  I took a stack of cue cards and decided to write some haiku between shifts in that tiny window of opportunity from 5:15pm to 6:00pm.  It's kind of funny because a novel I just finished (The Anthologist by Nicholson Baker) has a main character who is a poet that speaks a bit dis-ingly of haiku. I can't remember why. He also calls a poem that doesn't rhyme a 'plum' not a 'poem'.  But it seemed like a quick and easy idea.  As it turned out the structure and brevity lent themselves well to me being creative in a short window of time.  I wrote 20 haiku poems during less than 45 minutes.  The Fast and the Furious, my friends.  The structure is 3 lines: 5 syllable/7 syllable/5 syllable.

I know you want a sample, so here goes:

Read a book that did
nothing to promote the form
of Haiku as art.

At Zeller's last night
got the bargain of the day.
Clerks all atwitter.

Clandestine beer in
between shifts.  Waiting for the
Mill whistle to blow.

Today is the day
that draws a line in the sand.
10 months till quit date.

My novel sits in
clear blue plastic waiting for
me to dive back in.

Lauren is moving
across our world to be with
the boy who loves her.

Mom carries in her
backpack a letter which resigns
her to peace of mind.

Fifteen bucks burning
a metaphorical hole.
Time for second pint.

and the list goes on...


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Tena Laing said...

Love love love them! and all the ones you couldn't share too! xo