Sunday, November 28, 2010

Day Five - No Spend Week

The sun has set on day five.  This was another day where my wife made my life easier.  I slept in, and she woke me with coffee and asked if she could treat me to a movie.  We went to see Harry Potter.  It was fun, but hard to end it in the middle of the book!  Does anyone know when the final film is coming out?

I'm doing creative cooking this evening; experimenting with the ingredients I have on hand and a couple of ideas my dad gave me on the phone.  I also have been working on some of my mindfulness homework, like trying to really be present for the experience of doing dishes or something mundane like that.  It was my stepmother's birthday today and I'm working on making her gift, which will come late along with her Christmas gift, which will hopefully come on time.

Last night was a very fun evening, and I'm considering my art form playing word games.  It did involve being creative, so hopefully that works for you.  Only two days to go until spending is once against sanctioned, whether or not it's affordable is another story :)



Unknown said...

"against sanctioned" (<--freudian)

No New is Good News said...

Ha Ha! I'm my own worst enemy :) I will leave my Freudian typo to remind me to be more free with my sanctioned spending.