Saturday, November 27, 2010

Day Four No Spend Week

Today is the hardest day so far.  My wife and I are going to visit with a new girl couple for the first time tonight at their place for a game's night. Since I don't know them well, I wish I could splash out and just buy stuff to bring.  Instead, I am having to cobble together snacks from what we have here (wish I hadn't already opened that brick of cheese, etc.), and figure out what to do about drinks.  Damn!  I should have picked up a bottle of wine or two for just such emergency social situations.

I think it will be fine and fun, and hopefully we will end up with some new pals to hang out with.  I think my wife is going to use the money I gave her when I turned my pockets inside out and gave her the contents - so I wouldn't be tempted to spend this week - to buy a couple of drinks to bring along.  She's not doing the challenge.  So, it's a bit of a cheat, but feels better than going to their place quite so empty handed as I might dare to with old friends.

In other news, I spent today organizing for an annual event for homeless women I am involved in for International Women's Day.  We were sorting our donations thus far to see how it's coming (the event is in March) and to separate out some of the inappropriate ones.  Sometimes donations are 'used' which we don't like for this party.  We want to only give the women new presents, so we divert used things, or things homeless women probably don't need at the shelter (like wine racks etc.) and also things with overt Christmas packaging, we send on to other agencies to use for Christmas parties.  As always, we end up coming home with a few cool things ourselves.  I got a sweet vintage clutch purse that one of our volunteers brought in and handed off to me personally - I think I'll dress like a girl tonight and bring it!  I also got a yellow Sony Walkman cassette player.  I'm very delighted with this, having just read how they finally killed the Walkman.  I sure hope it works.  I am looking forward to walking down the street or riding the subway while rocking my Walkman.

Art for today:  I haven't decided.  I'll have to let you know tomorrow.  It will either be more knitting, or else some writing.

xo Tara


Jo said...

Today I learned I can make sourdough bread without sugar. I actually ran out of sugar the day before the challenge but I was too lazy to make a trip to the store just for sugar. I thought I'd just switch to making unleavened breads for the duration of the challenge (previous experiments with commercial yeast and no sugar didn't work out very well). But last night I thought I'd try making my usual sourdough recipe, minus the sugar,and let it rise overnight. It worked great so I'll probably never go back to my original recipe. :)
Have a great games night!

Fickle Cattle said...

Wine is always good I think. Always appropriate, unless someone is an alcoholic.

No New is Good News said...

Thanks for the notes Jo and Fickle Cattle. I think a gift for improvising always helps. Jo, in your case, making the bread without sugar, and F.C., in the case of no wine, we made do with club soda and a couple of tall boys!

I got good at drinking black coffee just so as I wouldn't feel dependent on the milk. And I can make dinner out of ANYTHING. I call it nail soup :)