Monday, November 29, 2010

Day Six - A Midday Report

Day six is proving relatively uneventful, but not in a bad way.  I brought a coffee and lunch with me, so I'm keeping starvation at bay.  I've made myself 2 cups of herbal tea at my desk and am working away on my pile of worky, work, work.

I started the day nicely with a mindfulness class.  I am hoping that it will become increasingly useful and natural for me to use mindfulness.  I would enjoy, for example, being about to routinely do the dishes mindfully rather than full of anger and resentment at the universe for such a drag of a task.  In fact, it's all about what's in your head as you do dishes.  So, wish me luck with my next batch.  If I can just keep my mind on the dishes not the unfairness of doing dishes, it'll all be fine.

As far as No Spend Week goes, my main issue is that I am scraping the bottom of the barrel with my lip balms.  I'm desperate to get a new one.  I have about 3 used up tubes and I'm literally scraping up a bit of balm with a paper clip and putting it on my mouth.  I've had an addiction to lip balm since I was about 19 years old.  It's not going anywhere, so I need to plan better.  Last night I couldn't find my tube and I was forced to use dabs of olive oil.  It's a sickness.  On Wednesday I will be shopping for lip balm, spare lip balm, and back up to the spare lip balm.  (Incidentally, those were the three items I said I'd want on a deserted island).

Back to work,

xo Tara


Jo said...

My daughter occasionally was resentful about drying the dishes. I'm quite happy to let dishes air-dry, but sometimes there were too many to fit in the rack so, as the only other being in the house with opposable thumbs, she sometimes got towel duty. She would moan "I wish I didn't have to dry the dishes!" and I would reply "Quit eating then!" :-) All in good humour.

I think dish washing time is a good time for mindfulness practice because it's such a simple task, you're vulnerable to all sorts of thoughts taking over ("monkey mind").

A friend once arrived to visit in a huge huff over how her mother favoured her brother. As I listened to her rant, I could pinpoint where it departed from "things that actually happened" and let "things I think my mother thinks about me" take over her mind. It was while she was doing the washing up after dinner. When I said to her "Okay, do you realise that everything you told me after the bit about your mother leaving to take back the chairs *didn't actually happen*? It was just you talking to yourself in your mind?" She was shocked she was so mad over imaginary stuff! In fact,she had difficulty accepting it. But it was true: while she was holding this apparently real conversation with her mother telling her how inferior she was to her brother, her mother was actually in a car on her way to return the chairs, and my friend was standing at a sink washing the dishes (which I could see because I'd followed the plot, which required more attention than washing dishes lol).

tl;dr version - still not spending. got an Amazon gift certificate which will cover buying that book I want, so it's like a reward for not buying it on Day 2.

Tena Laing said...

No doubt I'm in for a rude awakening today, as my husband has headed back to Texas and there's still another day left of No Spend week. I haven't pulled out my wallet all week, but have had money spent on me. so am considering adding a couple of days to my challenge, just for 'fun' and fairness! We'll see if I last. Lunch & Coke Zeros packed. Up super early to face a BUSY day. Today is also the last day I can use my TTC pass, so good thing I can buy something tomorrow, even if it's just a way to work.

A. K. Francis said...

I JUST found you via comments you left on Bag Lady's blog, and your year's almost over! I'm so happy to find this, though... this project looks so intriguing and inspiring, and I have so much catching up to do! Do you think you'll continue this blog into 2011, even if you stop the experiment? Fingers crossed that you're still around next month. :)

No New is Good News said...

Ladies! thanks for your awesome, timely comments re: mindfulness, gratefulness, and not spending!

I'm about to go do my tally post re: finishing it all, and also wanted to thank firespark for the nice shout out! FYI: I will write more in December about this, but my plan for next year is actually to have a shopping Amnesty in January, and then go Nothing New for the rest of the year again. It suits many of my goals right now. So PLEASE do keep coming back!