Friday, November 26, 2010

Day Three of No Spend Week

We are struggling a little with some clarification issues for our week of not spending.  We did not proactively address the thorny issue of spending in the workplace/volunteer place.  In retrospect, I could have thought this through more beforehand. But let's say that, when unavoidable, spending on a direct work function with money from work is not cheating.  And volunteering is really just unpaid work (so it should be included in a broader definition of work).

But it does not sanction the stuff we spend at work just to make it through the day like buying fancy coffees, chocolate bars, cabs because we slept in, or new shoes etc.

Hope that makes sense to everyone. 

Today I got off lucky with a friend making me a delicious free lunch.  Tonight I'm looking forward to my brother-in-law making me American Thanksgiving Dinner.  To both events I arrive empty-handed but, I like to think, full-hearted.  And oh so thankful for the kindness of others.

xo Tara

Day 26 of Art Every Day month will be more slipper knitting :)


Unknown said...

Tara, I have to fess up. I had a general anasthetic(SP)? this week, and afterwards at the pharmacy,(stupified )loaded myself up with shampoos and a lipstick. I then felt guilty and abandoned the idea until today. I'm starting again tomorrow...we're going up north, so no shops!!!
You guys are great. It's harder than I thought!

No New is Good News said...

It is hard! Tonight we are going to socialize with new friends (a couple) and I can't buy anything to bring them. I am trying to cobble together a snack or two from what we have and probably my wife will end up buying some beer. Since she's not doing the challenge it's not really cheating, but it still feels kind of like it!

Tena Laing said...

My visiting husband is off to the grocery store, so I feel a little less like it has been a struggle. I should really try this for a week that he is not here to experience the full magnitude of the painful part!