Wednesday, November 10, 2010

I Can Do Anything, But I Can't Do Everything

I walked home tonight with my amazing coworker.  She's the woman that I decided to shake up my work life (to be able to come to this new job and get to work with) for a year.  An incredibly energetic, positive, knowledgeable force of nature.  She walks to and from work EVERY day.  To give this some context, I'm feeling proud for getting in 3 such walks (either to or fro, but not both) in a row.  She has worked in mental health for around 3 decades without getting burnt out or jaded.  She is cutting edge, cool, and great to talk to.  And she is the person who recently taught me the great title of this post.  I said, 'I think you can do anything!' and she replied, 'I can do anything.  But I can't do everything.'  She sets a few limits.  But it's also pretty empowering to think you can do anything, if you pace yourself and put your mind to it.  I've been embracing this motto along with my efforts to: do art daily, not spend, do more non-passive leisure, etc.  So, I guess the take home message is to be gentle with myself, while still working to be a work in progress.  To not be stagnant.

Also, I am always reminded of the urgency of doing, being, becoming.  I don't want to postpone happiness until I have spare time.  I might never have spare time.  So, I keep inching my way, in more or less, the right direction.  Hopefully.  Art for tonight will be a pleasure.  I will be working on finishing a knitted gift for someone as I simultaneously enjoy watching a movie my wife downloaded for me: The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet's Nest, in case you're wondering.

I'm looking forward to squeezing in a 4th walk in a row, and to getting out of town this weekend to somewhere with a bit more nature.  My wife will be teaching out of town and I'm going to tag along and use the time to work on my own writing projects.

The days are zooming by and I have only 51 days to go to make it to the end of my buy-nothing-new year.  Pretty cool.

xo Tara

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