Thursday, November 25, 2010

No Spend Week - Day Two

Well, today was tough and easy in different ways.

It started with my wife looking at me with alarm and commenting how tired I looked.  It was true, I'd had almost 10 hours sleep but still looked like I'd flown in on the red eye from really far away.  Not sick still, but just not fully well yet.  It was also one of those days that gets slightly high jacked out from under you, where you are running from thing to thing. And someone else keeps adding to your to-do list.  Every time you get a chance to have a glance, it's grown.  A bit like those nightmares I used to have working at the Keg restaurant.  I'd go back to my section after picking up some one's coffee, and bizarrely my section now stretched into the horizon, with no end in sight.  All the tables suddenly full of angry people banging their forks and knives and yelling for service.  Such an unrestful dream to wake from.  We called them Keg-mares.

But actually, today wasn't quite that bad, only that it felt so very full. And any time I thought I had a breather, someone had snuck another major thing into my schedule.  But while the day was busy, it was also really interesting and parts of it were even fun.

I got to take a cab today using a work taxi chit, so I got the luxury without the spending.  And since I was racing from work thing to work thing, my conscience is clean.

I do have a grey area work situation to relate from today though, spending wise.  At my part time job an event was planned where my coworker and I would take some tenants out for soup and tea this evening.  Our usual cooking group was not happening, so it was a kind of healthy, free meal late in the month for our low income folks.  My coworker (who does this job full time) hauled out her company MasterCard to pay.  (I only do the job part time so I don't get a MasterCard - I just have to submit receipts.)  It turns out the diner did not accept it. She had no cash, so I had to put the soups on my debit card.  I don't like that it happened, but I am choosing to view it as a technicality.  I will submit the receipt to work and get reimbursed. So if I want to get really nit picky, I would say I was spending work's money, just in advance.

Feel free to throw rotten tomatoes at me if you disagree!

And, I got to end my day with Art!  I'm calling it art, but in a court of law it might not hold up.  You can decide:  I sang karaoke - several songs - and I'm not known for my singing skills.  So, it was brave, creative (?), and a bit against the grain.  But I got encore requests from the generous audience, so it was easier than it could have been.

I'm off to unwind before Friday.

xo Tara


Jo said...

Hi Tara, I think advancing money for the soups is quite within the spirit of the challenge, since you'll be reimbursed. In fact, I don't see that you had much choice really, in those circumstances.
I've found a couple of things I want to spend on (a kindle book and a donation), but they'll still be there next month! It's only a week after all.

Elizabeth-FlourishInProgress said...

Does it count if I collected money for charity and then bought toys/supplies during the week. Ack! I feel like I just cheated but I couldn't wait till Tuesday, I'm going to volunteer on Monday.

But, nothing for me!

No New is Good News said...

Hiya ladies, I did some clarification in today's post. I think in general we are all on the right track!