Tuesday, November 23, 2010

No Spend Week Is Here at Midnight!!!


Between making Art Every Day, having a 2 year wedding anniversary, and working two jobs, I can safely say that it took a Herculean effort today to get ready for No Spend Week which starts tomorrow - as in midnight.  I got home from a busy outing with job number two, grabbed my granny cart (that my own mother refuses to be seen with) and hustled out to No Frills to get groceries and some Lubriderm for my wife's new tattoo.  I also squeezed into the liquor store just before closing to grab a bottle.  We have two parties to go to this weekend.  We may need to ration it out in wine skins.  Anyway, I am safely back home, knackered and still have to do some prep for work at main job tomorrow.  I am starting a new group, and am a bit nervous about it, plus my days at New Job (a.k.a. main job) are seriously busy so prep time is limited there.

Let me introduce you to my fearless and noble comrades in this journey:

1. Tena, my twin, who will likely find this challenge very challenging.  No offense, Sister.

2. Rollerscrapper, who I am delighted is joining us, and is a new online pal.  Her blog is very fun and eye-catching.  She's also very crafty - I am going to get more tips out of her re: my own crafting, and she just bought a house days ago...

3. Stella, who is a regular on this blog, does not have her own blog.  She is very cool and was the friend who lent/gave me 'How To Be Free' by Tom Hodgkinson.  She enthusiastically replied to the call: "I'm in!"

4. Jo, who is new to me and also blogless, joins us writing: "Okay, I can do this too.  I don't have a blog though.  I had a look at my spending spreadsheet and the last week when I bought NOTHING was the first week of August.  I checked my calendar (prompted by Tena's comment) and I *think* the garden guy will skip that week but if he does mow my lawn during the challenge, I'll need an exception to pay him on the same day.' (My advice is to mail him the money tonight before midnight or else next Tuesday at midnight :))

5. Elizabeth, who also has a great blog 'chronicling a year outside the mall'.  How perfect for our challenge and what a great person for me to connect to this year while I am also avoiding malls like the plague!

6. Moi.  If you're reading this, you probably know a bit about me, but if not, this is my second No Spend Week this year, and I'm also almost 11 months into a year of not buying anything new.  My original No Spend Week inspiration is Consumption Rebellion, and I joined her similar challenge in April and you can read more about my call to arms for tomorrow's challenge here.

As far as No Spend Week goes, by now you may know the drill, but here goes:

We are not spending anything from midnight tonight until Tuesday Nov. 30th at midnight.  A full week of not being consumers.  It will foster creativity, bartering, and learning to be satisfied with what we have. Hopefully.  It may also bring on anger, boredom, frustration, and the evil eye from our spouses.  But, I think it's a worthwhile endeavour.  It also covers Buy Nothing Day, which you may consider participating in even if you are not doing the week-long-haul with us.

Keep your fingers crossed for us and if you see us looking parched and desperate, maybe offer to buy us a fizzy water...

P.S. for Art Every Day, I'm knitting on my slippers for gifts.  And just for you, this treat from my American pal, David Monteith, who was inspired to share after my example of Haiku.  Thanks for sharing David.

Art Every Day, my friends.  It's everywhere.  It's in you to give:

Heard you been writing some haikus.
I'm a big fan of the form.
I wrote this one on the subway a couple of days ago.  Thought you might like it.

Sadly, I just learned
I'm not the only one who
farts in subway cars.

~David M


RollerScrapper said...

I'm looking forward to the challenge!

Jo said...

Me too, RollerScrapper. Tara, the lawn was mowed on Monday, so no problem there. :-)

Tena Laing said...

I'm not so much looking forward to it, as I am looking forward to it being over!