Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Not Spending, Day One

Yee Haw!  I still have loads of provisions and fizzy water, so aside from feeling sick like a dog with flu, I'm still riding high on a wave of optimism for No Spend Week. Thanks for joining in, ladies.  Please report back on how it's going with y'all. 

That was my glass half full side talking.  My glass half empty side would have loved to take a cab today, between my aching guts and my four overflowing bags 'o stuff I dragged into work with me.  It would also like to take a cab back home again, but I'm not listening to my half empty side just now. 

No money to spend makes it easier to not spend this week, and also means more time to devote to art every day month. Yet another benefit.

So, I'm cutting out because I need to take it easy and recuperate. 

For Art: I'll be doing some brainstorming for a bit of my sister's novel as art tonight. Kind of like 'guest hosting' in her writing. 

Oh!  I had a really nice gift today.  A bit box arrived and I thought it was a delivery of flip chart paper.  It turned out it was a very cool painting from my work wife (who I left in September when I started my new gig), Shannon.  It is a big 3D black heart, cleaved in two, and sewn up with red laces.  It is on a purple backdrop and has the caption, 'You broke my heart'.  I showed it to all my new coworkers to let them know how popular and missed I am at my old job so they will think I'm cool. It's pretty awesome. I miss having a work wife, but these guys are very nice to me. Too bad I don't have a camera at work.

xo Tara


Jo said...

Not a whole lot to report. I went down to our local shopping district to bank a cheque, but I purposefully left my wallet at home, and bypassed the mall. I think my favourite thing about not spending is avoiding the crowds.

No New is Good News said...

Hi Jo, thanks for checking in! I just was reminded by your post that it is helpful to actually remove change, bills, and debit cards from the wallet to prevent accidental or impulse spending. Sometimes early in the morning before the head is clear, I can actually forget I am not spending until it's almost happened! I can also avoid tug of wars over picking up milk at the store on the way home (etc.) by not having any money on me this week!

Tena Laing said...

I had the very pleasant experience of a timely American Thanksgiving visit from my lovely husband who treated me to a delicious dinner out, so no hardship yet. Will let you know when that kicks in! Good luck everyone.
I did have one questionable experience today, where I picked up lunch from our dining hall, and was carrying down to the staff room. A colleague said, "I thought it was buy nothing week" It hadn't occurred to me that I was doing anything wrong, because the bill gets taken out of payroll on the following month, so no spending this week. What do you think? Is that ok by these rules? Curious.

No New is Good News said...

I think you probably should have prepaid it, technically. Otherwise it's like 'buying' something with a credit card this week. We'll let you off with this one. An alternative would be talking someone else into buying you lunch :)