Friday, November 5, 2010

Nov. 5th the Art of Knitting

That's right.  It's that magical time again - tonight is Stitch and Bitch at Jennifer's house.  A rotating location with a core cast of skilled, hilarious, and even tattooed lovelies. I will be hanging with all my knitty friends and hopefully getting neck deep in a delicious new project.  I will make sure to put up a photo when it's done.  So, for today, art is easy, since I don't have to think up what I'm doing, I know and I am looking forward to it.

I did get to shop today, because according to my own Ground Rules established in December 2009 for my year of nothing new, I decreed that occasional supplies for do-it-yourself crafts like knitting or sewing were sanctioned, but that the bulk of these tasks should be done using recycled/found etc. supplies.  I've pretty much honoured that. I don't think I've bought yarn once this year until today.  And I must admit it felt like a treat to buy something pretty and new and sashay out of the store with it in my bag. 

Tonight, I will be making something new, from a pattern.  Thank goodness I've got spotters at S & B to keep me on track.  Hopefully once I've made the prototype following the specs precisely, I can find more ways to improvise on that theme using my stash of free yarn. 

It's quitting time at work. I can almost hear the mill whistle blowing.  In Corner Brook, Newfoundland the whistle from the pulp and paper mill is heard all through town and helps regulate people (mill workers or not) in various aspects of their day whether it's time to pick the kids up, time to head home from the park for supper, or time to book out of your shift etc.  I'm not in Corner Brook, but it's moments from 5pm, so I'll bid you a lovely Friday night and talk to you soon.

xo Tara

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