Monday, November 8, 2010

Nov.8 Art is Everywhere

Hi there,

Still haven't bought anything new, sticking to my guns and all that jazz.

Yesterday my art was more knitting and this time I did it with one of my most creative knitter friends, Su.  She does things like create gnome villages and felt them, as well as knit me a gorgeous shawl for my birthday, etc.  So I was able to combine some friend outreach with some crafting. 

As for today, I walked to work, and walking through Parkdale and Dundas West areas I noticed how much art is on the go everywhere.  I'm still not too sure what kind of art I'll make of today, but I am doing a couple of artsy things, though they don't really count, since I'm being an audience member.  I'm going to check out 4 artists talk about their mental health experiences and how it's related to their art as part of the Rendezvous With Madness Film Festival.  A very cool and free event.  The films in it are amazing, varied, and very reasonably priced.  Apres artist talk, I'm going to watch some pay-what-you-can comedy.  I'm sure these events will inspire me to something artistic.  And, if it's not something brand new, I still have novel editing and knitting to finish up.

I guess I need to get crack-a-lacking on my No Spend Week.  I haven't had any feedback from Consumption Rebellion and I see she just posted after a long while away.  I've just sent her a note.  I'd like do do my No Spend Week from Nov. 23 or 24 for a week.  A firm commitment and specifics to follow soon!


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