Sunday, November 14, 2010

Quick Update

Hey there,

No Spend week is fast approaching and so far I have Tena, Stella, and Jo joining me for it!  That is great.  It's never too late until it starts.  In the meantime, we have two weeks to get through and that week to plan for.  Jo, if you are able, a tip I used, was to pay for things either before the week or after.  i.e.: I paid a little late for a couple of things, and in one instance paid someone before they did the thing so I was not spending during my time period.

In other news I really got my art on this weekend!  Friday I knit a lot until my hands were sore and I was no longer experimenting with being well rested.  I also took on a fun assignment from my sister.  She asked me to pinch hit some ideas for her novel to give examples that would make a character lovable and friendly.  I brainstormed some examples to get her started.  It was fun to have a specific, novel thing to work on over the day.

Saturday we went out of town and my wife taught as arranged by friends who own a theatre school in Peterborough.  We got the b & b experience staying with them, and I got the long awaited, somewhat feared experience of being a participant in a workshop of my wife's (on the fundamentals of stand-up).  It was all women and we really connected and did some interesting and creative work and also got a joke or two out of it.  I've been wanting to be a fly on the wall in the class, and Dawn said I had to participate if I came, and I'm sooo glad I did.  I was glad I didn't let self consciousness hold me back.

Today's art has been more knitting.  I have a lot to do to make Christmas gifts.  I couldn't find pillow stuffing at the store I was at, so my t-shirt pillows are on hold.

I'm dropping in my traces, so I'll keep this brief.  Have a great night,

xo Tara


Elizabeth-FlourishinProgress said...

applause for your efforts so far! you can count me in!

No New is Good News said...

that's great! Now there are six!