Friday, December 31, 2010

Counting Down the Last Hours of a Year of No New is Good News

Hey there,

I'm just counting down the last 8 hours until Midnight, aka New Year's, when I will have achieved my goal of going a full year without buying anything new.  This blog, No New Is Good News, has been a really cool way of making sense (and nonsense) of it.

I also am feeling incredibly delighted to have a few days off after working at a breakneck pace the last few working days.

I'm going to spend some time on my four hour train ride to Ottawa indulging in checking out all kinds of New Year, reflective, goal setting, etc. type stuff on line.  Then I might veg out for a bit and watch episodes of How I Met Your Mother.  I'm not a saint!

I feel a lovely sense of goodwill, accomplishment, and trying to be easy on myself.  Looking at some other people's posts and my own lately, I know that sometimes I've been focusing too much on the hard work aspect of things and not enough on having fun and relaxing.  But sometimes working on things outside of job-type work is it's own form of nerdy fun.

I just read Christine Bougie's 30th Reverb10 post, and enjoyed all of them.  It's a great accomplishment.  I jotted down a few writing and reflecting ideas, but have absolved myself from having to do it all today and catch up on 15 days of writing prompts.  I don't need to turn the prompts into a stick to beat myself with!  I might actually use some of them in groups I am doing in the New Year.  I've also just re-read this line from Gretchen Rubin
The days are long, but the years are short.
A good motto to remind ourselves to live life here and now, as we wrap up another year.

I enjoyed my Fake New Year's immensely last night and chatted with a few pals who've been following my progress.  It is pretty cool to be able to report positively on it to people I haven't seen in a while.  There are certainly lots of things I've not finished that I started, but this ain't gonna be one of them.

More later,

xo Tara


RollerScrapper said...

Enjoy your time! You have accomplished so much! Happy new year!

BobbieNoSocks said...

Just found your blog...and read a bit back on your year. Very cool ... sorry I've missed so much along the way. The whole concept is brillant.