Tuesday, December 28, 2010

New Year's Resolutions for 2011

Wow.  2011 is only days away.  Four more sleeps and it will be here. Sitting pretty here at day 362 of 2010 I feel confident I'll make it to my goal of not buying anything new for  a year.  Today was a bit of a grey area.  But, I think, okay.  For Christmas my wife got me a gift certificate from Secrets From Your Sister, a boutique where they fit you for the perfect bra.  I went today and lined up in the freezing cold for 45 minutes as it was their big boxing day sale.  I was number two in line and chatted with the pro ahead of me, who is an old hat at their sales.  A good bra, a really good one that fits like a glove, is expensive.  So when these girls have their big sale, you might get an amazing bra, that normally costs $150 or more, for as low at $20 or $30.  If you are lucky and not too many like-sized gals are in line ahead of you.

She and I were able to be friends, as we were clearly different sizes and would not be competing for the same stash of deeply-discounted lingerie with each other.  We critically appraised the degree to which our fellow cue-members would provide sport for us as we watched the line grow and grow.  I was able to get myself two gorgeous French bras for less than half price.  If I make myself hand wash them, they'll last several years.  I cannot wait to go show them off to my sister and friends tonight at games night!

I shopped using a gift certificate given to me for this purpose as a Christmas gift and paid the rest with Christmas money from my mother-in-law.  I know it skirts the nothing new rules, but I thought it was okay, since it is something that has to fit, and I got a gift certificate as a surprise, not asked for.  What do you think?  Also, if you read about my rushed bra purchase on Dec. 31st, 2009 (no time to try on, one didn't fit - was actually painful to wear), you'll know I was getting a bit desperate for new decent ones.  Also, sadly, I have to admit to being a larger cup size than I have been historically.  So, while not laudable as a reason to shop, I've been pushing it with the current motley collection, and it was time.

I'll tell you this.  It was hard to not buy up the whole store.

Which has me thinking about January 2011 a lot, and what I will be buying.  I've been feeling a bit overconfident, perhaps, as it approaches.  I've been thinking that I don't miss shopping all that much.  Noticing that as I work on my list of things I will buy in January, I don't seem to have a ton of 'needs'.  But, I am a bit nervous of how easy it is to shop, when once you start.

Anyway, about January, and my resolutions for 2011...

I will be shopping in January (only) for new things.  The rest of 2011 will resume with 'nothing new'.  Similar exceptions to last year will apply.  Health purchases are okay.  And I also feel comfortable saying that shoes are okay to buy IF they are running shoes or walking shoes (i.e.: not just fashion).  I'm okay with things that get me moving more and are comfortable on my feet.  Oh, also, a sun hat.  If I cannot find a decent one in January, I will allow myself one in the summer.  It is reasonable for me to want to keep the crow's feet and age spots at bay as long as possible.  Also, again, I'll allow myself craft and do-it-yourself supplies, within reason, if I can't beg, borrow or make do with what I have.

I will be shopping from a list.  I don't plan on doing a free-for-all.  Here is the list so far:

1. A black scarf to replace my favourite one that I recently lost.  I have lost it a few times and it always came back to me.  Not this time, unfortunately.  On a side note, I'm lower than usual on woolly scarves due to my obsession with washing and drying everything to keep from bringing bed bugs home.  A side effect of this has been that many of my formerly long, fluffy scarves are now two feet shorter, shrunk and felted, and do not provide enough coverage for the January winds.  I am specifically looking for a lacy, but knit, non-wool (but wool-like) one (can be bunched as a scarf, or draped as a shawl...)

2. A Coat.  You may recall that when winter comes, if I want to be truly warm, you'll generally find me dressed like a mummer.  I wrote about this at the beginning of the year in a post (see paragraph two on Value Village Second Thoughts).  I want a warm coat that I'm not ashamed to go to a dressy work event in.  I want it in a solid colour like black, so it matches any colourful mitts, scarves, and hats I have, and I want it to come down to my knees and fit me well.  It can be down filled, or wool.  I think I will enjoy shopping for something so specific.  My mother is already on the look out for coat selling places for us to go trolling through come January 1st, in Ottawa.

3. Shoes.  I want a pair of shoes that are dressy enough for work, solid enough for walking to work, and sturdy and deep enough to fit my orthotics in.  Sounds pretty sexy, huh?

4. Giant Ziplocs for storage.  I have seen these at my friend Su's.  I want giant Ziplocs

5. A Pink Ukulele.  I may buy myself a cute ukulele.  Cheap, portable and way easier to learn than guitar.  I saw Sera's and can't stop thinking about it.  We'll see.

6. Notebooks.  I am keen to get a couple of new moleskins.  I've made my two last all year, but they are running out of pages.  I may get a couple of delicious skinny markers to go with them.

7. Pants.  I am having trouble finding a good pair of jeans or cords used that really fit me.  I will look at options in stores, but I won't buy any unless they are on sale and really fit well and I look good and like them.

8. Socks and underwear.  I am heavily into the B-team and C-team collection of socks and underwear at this point in the year.

9. Full length mirror.  I've been wanting one for 3 years since we moved from my sister's house.  It will help me to be more presentable and fit for public consumption.  I think it also helps if you are trying to decide what clothing to keep, alter, or donate.

10. A metal bar with a few hooks for our kitchen wall to hang things like the metal strainer and a couple of pots on etc. from high on the wall. Our condo has the regulation miniature kitchen storage space, so this might make it more manageable for us to keep cupboards tidy and counters clear.

That's my list so far. Kind of humble and boring when you think about it!  We really don't need much, do we? I might add to it before the year starts as I put on my thinking cap.

For my other resolutions, I alluded to some in some of the Reverb10 posts. I have gotten way behind on them, but may get the opportunity to catch up on the ride to Ottawa on Friday. Like most people's, they fall generally into the realms of health, organization, money, and creative.

Here they are thus far:

  • Stop buying diet pop.
  • Start packing a lunch unless I have a lunch date with a friend.
  • Practice my mindfulness meditation daily.
  • Get a physical.
  • Walk to work 2 or more times per week.
  • In bed by 11:30pm.
  • Continue to blog regularly.
  • Shop only in January (with list) otherwise, Nothing New rules apply.
  • Work specifically on paying off remaining debt, saving for cottage, and saving for trip to Edinburgh Fringe Festival with my wife.  Create a 'business plan' for making that happen.
  • Keep up with stitch & bitch gatherings, crafting, sewing, and knitting regularly with friends.
  • Continue to write on novel and creative writing, as well as other forms of 'fun, non-passive leisure'.
  • A fresh round of Clutter Busting and bring in new year with new, clean energy and cleared space.
  • Ask someone who is really organized at work about their system for keeping up with documentation.
  • Semi-retire by giving notice by September 17, 2011 at second job.
  • Remember my theme word for 2011 from the Reverb10 prompt: 'Release' (versus 2010's word, which was 'Grindstone').  
I am looking forward to examining these more and sharing them with some of my favourite women. A few of us are big into the New Year's Resolutions Lists/Fresh Starts. I am thinking especially of Trina, Tena, and Mom. My wife even wrote a joke about it once :)

Talk soon,

xo Tara


serascarlett said...

Yay for Ukulele!!!

No New is Good News said...

I was confused by your user name - thought it was the other sara/scarlett pair!
Hey-let's talk ukulele's early in the new year. Jam session? Perhaps we'll start a band? We can spend endless hours brainstorming and fighting over band names.
Happy New Year!