Friday, December 3, 2010

One Word To Rule Them All

I've read on my twin's blog and also on Bougie's blog about Reverb10.  Basically the goal for December, is to reflect on 2010 and write a word - a single word, mind you, that sums it up.  And then, step two is to write a single word that will help manifest what you want from 2011.

I've been thinking lightly about this, but not really gotten into it.  And I am so loving their words I feel like I need a word vacuum to come and take their choices away from my memory so I can think my own without being overly influenced by theirs.  I think that for today's entry, I'll put on my thinking cap and give 'er a shot.

My 'thinking cap' by the way, is the giant slouchy hat I made my wife as a gift that was as big as a toilet seat cover, if you recall.  I've been whittling away at it by making seams and doing various tricks, but to no avail.  Now it is not only big, it is also pretty pouffy-frouffy too.  She will definitely never wear it.  But I like to think of it as big enough to let my brain expand to supersonic size, so I've adopted it as my thinking cap.  Perhaps it will always be evolving.  Like me?  And maybe, it can only get better looking?  The only way is up?  I'm struggling for a great homemade slouchy hat metaphor to make it all okay.  I'll get back to you after tomorrow's Stitch and Bitch.

For 2010:
Themes of loss and death, backbreaking work, giving up bad habits, trying a bit of everything - fun and creative too, and taking on some major change, come to mind off the top of my head.

What word to capture all that?


For 2011:
I am thinking of both my twin and Bougie's words as inspiring to shoot for.  They were: 'beginnings', and 'sharpen', respectively.
For me, I want to manifest simplicity, understanding, ease, and paring down.  I like the words 'elucidate', 'clarity', and 'fruition'.  In fact, I'm also keen on 'abdicate', 'relinquish', and 'surrender'.  I'm trying to say I see myself continuing to let go of the things and notions that hold me back while continuing to grow in terms of joy, ease, and light.  Not much to ask for, eh?

In a word:


Good night.  It's past a respectable bed time, so I'd better skedaddle.

xo Tara

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