Sunday, December 5, 2010

Why Am I Rolling the Rock, Again?

I had this dude sitting near me on the bus spark up a conversation.  It was more of a monologue to be honest, because I really couldn't get a word in edgewise. But it ended up being kind of interesting and thankfully relatively brief.

He saw me reading a book for this mindfulness course I am taking.  Its title is a bit heavy - "The Mindful Way Out of Depression".  Just an FYI: I'm not depressed, nor do I plan to become so, if I can avoid it.  But everyday people can also become less negative, more happy, and enjoy more 'quiet mind' time with the help of using mindfulness.

Anyway, he saw my book and started with, "I couldn't help but notice the book you're reading..."  and then he was off to the races.  He talked pretty fast, and at times I couldn't keep up too well, or catch everything he said.  He told me he was on his way to a daily rehab program.  He said he was thankful he was going even though he knew from previous AA type groups "only about 3% of people successfully quit".  He talked about how it takes "everything" and then waxed eloquent about Nietzsche and other philosophies.

He then said, "But I think ultimately the soul and spirituality are the key".  I just nodded. There was no time or need for me to fill in my half of the conversation.  And then he explained further ending with, "Otherwise, it's like we're all just pushing these giant rocks up to the top of the hill, and for what?  What are we working so hard for?  What are we suffering so much for?  To watch the rock roll down the other side?"

I think this links nicely with my words for 2010 (Grindstone) and 2011 (Release).  I am looking to release my big rock from this year and let her roll.  I am definitely looking for a smaller one to push up the hill in 2011.  I may be a Work in Progress, but I don't want to think of myself as a 'Make Work Project'.

Nighty Night,
xo Tara