Saturday, January 22, 2011

Another Day, Another 88 Dollars

Today I set out to get a full length mirror.  I think it will help me to clean my closets out, by trying on stuff in front of the mirror and actually being able to see what it looks like.  I also think it will help me to be a tad more presentable.  I'm still working on remembering to brush my hair before I leave the house.  Baby steps.  My wife generally reminds me, 'Honey, you've gotta brush your hair.'

I ended up coming home with a black, A-line, Calvin Klein skirt that fits perfectly and is flattering ($39.99), a red 'flow-y' dress ($22.00), and a brown knit dress ($16) that fits really well, especially at the shoulders.  My sister was a patient wing woman in the lengthy process I took to savour my shopping moments while I have them.

I ended up eventually finding my mirror after a lot of no luck situations.  I saw a bunch of giant, ornate ones in the department store that looked as if they would fit in nicely on the set of Victor Newman's mansion on the Young and Restless.  Unfortunately, in our modest condo, if I brought home one of those mirrors, I'd have to remove the couch or something just to fit it in.  So I got a cheap one that will hang on the back of our bedroom door.  I have big plans for closet thinning once I figure out how to hang it, tomorrowish.  I can cross one thing off my list and three spontaneous girlie clothing items that were not on my list.  The thrills of shopping in January.  Only 9 more shopping days left for me...

Tomorrow we leave at noon to visit my in-laws in Hamilton.  A whole bunch of them.  My mother-in-law, both of my wife's grandparents, and my sister-in-law and her baby - our nephew, Sammy.  He calls me Ra-Ra.  Pretty cool, huh?

Before Sammy, my only nickname was when my friend Rick got a bunch of our friends to start calling me Ta-ra, because he felt bad I'd never had a nickname (pronounced to rhyme with 'Ta-Da!').  Actually, that's a lie.   My friend Mark came up with a new one for me every day.  T-Dog, T-Money, Clubber Laing, The Lainger, etc. etc. I miss working with him and having so many rap star sounding alter egos.

xo Tara

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