Sunday, January 2, 2011

The First Shop

My first shopping trip was today, January 2nd.  Turns out it's pretty hard to find anywhere open on the 1st of January.  Despite my carefully planned list, my enthusiasm, and my mom's help, I ended up coming out of it having purchased only a $7.99 scarf.

So much for going bananas at the mall.  I did try on about 50 coats.  And I narrowed down some favourites.  But it turns out I've become a much pickier shopper than I was in the past.  I wanted things to be cheaper, yet better made, etc.  So, I didn't jump to get anything yet.  I do have the whole month to buy things, and if today's shopping is a sign, I may be on a good track for managing to live within my means more easily.

My family here in Ottawa have been very generous too, and some of the great gifts I got included:

  • a gift card for Indigo (I can use it to get the Moleskine notebooks I wanted), 
  • a gift card for Shoppers (It's great, especially since I've developed an curious resentment towards buying expensive toiletries), 
  • a nice gift basket from bath and body works (see previous point about toiletries), 
  • a pair of shoes my mom has only worn once that are just what I was looking for (sturdy, nice, interesting, and good for walking), 
  • a book called 'How to Change your Entire Life by Doing Absolutely Nothing' featuring 10 Do-Nothing relaxation exercises to calm you down quickly so you can speed forward faster.  I'm on # 3: "Mellow Yellow" -  When you are ticked off, you spend five minutes focusing on just seeing yellow everywhere.  Look around and notice it instead of 'seeing red'.  It's a funny take on mindfulness.
  • Money Sense's Guide to Retiring Wealthy.  It will help me with working on our specific financial goals for the year.  (Oh man, I really wish I'd let that $1000 in RRSPs from my 20's just sit there and grow...)
  • Also, lots of other gifts and good times and meals with family.
I've even gotten a long walk in each day.  Yesterday was unseasonably warm, around +10 degrees Celsius and today, despite being minus 10 or so, we bundled up and walked as well.  And sleep.  I'd been burning the candle at both ends the last couple of weeks and since I got to mom's, I've been like a toddler, taking a daily nap and getting 10-12 hours sleep at night.  Marvelously decadent!  

Today we watched the 'King's Speech' as a family. Such a great, great film. I was so glad it wasn't sold out because mom suggested that if it was, we could all go see 'Black Swan' together.  I haven't seen 'Black Swan' yet, but from the hints I hear, I think it might have made for an awkward family outing experience.  

Talk soon,
xo Tara

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