Monday, January 10, 2011

Graduated From Mindfulness Class Today

Today was my final mindfulness mediation class. I'm really going to miss it. It gave me both perspective and a clearer view of how noisy, boring, and repetitive many of my thoughts are, as well as a few useful tools for dealing with that, feeling good, and staying present.

Now, I'm supposed to just keep using it on my own. Kind of like continuing to do homework after the course is done, I'm sure that will be a challenge, but probably a worthwhile one. I could really use a tutor though.

I'm also testing out a new day planner. I start every year with visions of this day planner being the one that 'changes everything'. Ha! Such optimism. But, better than being a pessimist, right? 

I've yet to type up my final version of my Annual Review of goals for 2011 (including spreadsheet), but have used about 30 pages of rough notes so far. Enough to send my wife scurrying for cover when I fanned the pages and suggested a comprehensive chat about our mutual finances. Not the most romantic words ever uttered. Fortunately, we do seem relatively well synced on these issues right now. I'll be posting more details on money goals soon. I'd like to do this as: 1. I'm curious how other people cope with debt, saving, and paying for life, and 2. I could use the 'accountability' factor of sharing them.

Still haven't shopped since my socks and tights spree.  Will keep you posted on any other 'new' purchases that come my way in January month.

Talk soon,
xo Tara


Christine said...

Congrats on graduating from your mindfulness class! I'd love to do something like that this year.
And I love that you'r into the annual review/goal setting stuff. We should get together and compare notes sometime. Our wives can make jokes in the other room while we geek out on our goals.

No New is Good News said...

Thanks Christine :) I'd like the name of your goal rewriting notebook you took those nice pictures of! I think it's a grand idea. Maybe on a Saturday sometime??

Christine said...

Saturday evening is free for me if you want to have a tea and we can geek out about notebooks...