Saturday, January 29, 2011

Last Shopping Saturday

I'm poised and almost ready to run out the door with my shopping list on this, my final weekend of shopping for new stuff before Feb. 1st and my self-imposed, rest of the year, shopping embargo resumes.

Feeling a bit dazed from a wild, late night at my book club's 5 year anniversary last night.  My sister and I had a grand, laughing, good time and didn't leave until after 1:30am, astonished at the lateness.  I ended up crashing at my sister's place.  Our commute from the east end book club site on public transit ended around 2:30am.  I had to endure witnessing the mating dance and the end of night slobbering of what seemed like all the drunks in Toronto, stone cold sober.  It's amazing how surreal 2:30am looks when you've been partying without the assistance of alcohol surrounded by the masses who have. 

It was also a healthy way to keep our egos in check.  My sister and I were accosted by a weaving drunkard during our interminable wait at Bathurst for the street car.  His opener clinched it for us, "Are you two lesbians?"  His close talking, steamy booze-breathed familiarity; coupled with him cornering us in the shelter did not endear him to us."I'm just asking.  You don't know right? Are you Portuguese? Are you Italian? Are you Trinidadian? Do you speak French? I like you hair? Did you do it today? Did you straighten it?"  We answered his steady stream of invasive questions monosyllabically until something shiny distracted him and he moved on to the next person.

There he had more success, perhaps because with her, his opening line was "Are you a model?"  My sister and I ended up cracking up with relief as we listened to their laughter and inanities next to us.  Everything's relative. We found him threatening, but she had no problem joking around and making small talk.  I guess we were just too tired to have his brand of smelly small talk imposed on us.

Enough about last night, oh, except to say, we did the book, "The Year of Living Generously" about a year of volunteering, which seemed to invoke strong and different responses from our group.  We  have a mixed bag of both sexes and ages range from mid twenties to early sixties.  I can't comment on the book yet, since I went at the last minute and haven't read but a few pages.  I will read it, and it was good enough to goad a few members of the group on to want to do more volunteering.  I also inherited 3 used books (we swap at book clubs).  So, another Friday was  put to 'Friend Outreach' successfully.  The upcoming book club, in February, my twin and I are co-hosting, and the book is the superlative "Room" by Emma Donoghue.  Next week will be another such Friend Outreach Friday, with Stitch & Bitch revisited.  I'm so happy.  I love hanging with those gals.

Okay, breakfast then shop till I drop.

xo Tara

P.S.: thanks to Shannon for even more Friend Outreach Friday, with our lovely lunch and the gently used copy of Vanity Fair! I've been trying to book friends for lunches on Fridays and for fun hanging out on Friday nights.

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