Wednesday, January 26, 2011


My wife thinks I've been lying to my readers because I haven't been posting the tax I've been paid for my shopping.  She sure can be a stickler for detail when she wants to.  I argued that tax is different in different countries, so I was being internationally friendly. I'll tell you what, I'm going to do a tidy summary of January at the end so people can ooh and aah at my exciting purchases and I will include the tax.

I'm down to 6 shopping days, and I still haven't spent that much time on it, so some of things on my list are getting down to the wire.  I'll have to step up.  Since I've gotten out of the habit of shopping, it does feel a bit like work!

Okay, I've got job number two to get to, so this will be brief, but expect great things (shopping wise) from me this weekend.

Also, I've finally honed down my Annual Review to 9 sub-headings I want to focus on.  And I came up with little symbols to represent and remind me of each of them.  I'm still searching for the perfect notebook my friend, Christine showed me to write them down daily in manageable chunks.  More on that later.  Christine is a brilliant blogger and magical musician who often writes about ways of being organized.

In the always exciting clean-living-news, I've been really, really good about packing my lunch, walking and going to bed by 11pm with a novel so far this month.  Being so organized and sensible really cuts down on my available time for bad habits and riot starting, however. 

xo Tara

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