Monday, January 17, 2011

My friend Christine and I had a lovely, nerdy friend date yesterday.  We went to see Chris Guillebeau's Unconventional Book Tour for his book, The Art of Non Conformity.  It was very nice and inspiring.  He seemed truly decent, and came over and shyly introduced himself to us before it started.  It was standing room only and Christine and I were standing on the side near the front and ended up sitting for part of it.  He will be hitting all the provinces, so pop by one of his session if you can.

We then went to a cafe and had tea and fizzy water and talked non-stop for a couple of hours about goals and planning, and how to organize them and how to write them out.  Christine has a lot of good ideas on this and has an interesting combo of artist's brain and ++ logical systems thinker stuff.  She talks about some of these things in her blog and she writes weekly on Tuesdays only for now while she is busy composing a new album.

I left feeling energized about my own goals and also feeling the need to get a little more tidy and specific in them.  Christine also had little symbols for some of her goals and writes them anew each day in her book so they really get ingrained.  It's like an image to sum up the goal.  Kind of easy to call on rather writing it out in full necessarily.  I attended a training once for CBT where the facilitator encouraged us to get our clients to come up with metaphors for their strengths, that they could call on during hard times to draw upon their resilience.  I like the idea of an image or symbol or metaphor for goals to make them easy to remember and focus on. 

Okay, time to hit the road and go knitting for job # 2...

xo Tara

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