Saturday, January 22, 2011

Purse Contents Like the Queen

My twin just read aloud to me from an article on the royals and money. It was mainly focusing on Kate Middleton's singular financial issues as a young gal about to marry the future King of England. So, obviously, highly relevant to my own pecuniary situation.

But something stood out when they brought up the Queen's money as well as the contents of her royal handbag.  Apparently the Queen does not carry money in her purse.  I just about cracked up when my sister read:

According to the book What's in the Queen's Handbag, Queen Elizabeth carries no cash in her pocketbook, instead filling it with keepsakes such as family photos and lucky charms.

It does sound pretty funny.  Like she's touring about in her cute lady like suits, with a purse full of snapshots and children's cereal.  Perhaps, once February comes and I'm gone off the shopping, I shall follow Elizabeth's lead.  If I keep no cash in my unroyal pocketbook, it will be doubly easy to not spend.

As I've mentioned before, 2011 will be all about paying  off debt.  In particular, I am focusing a laser beam of debt reducing intentional energy upon a loan I have that is just over $16,000.  I want it paid before I leave my second job in the fall. It's likely to be very challenging and a bit boring, but in my nerdy way, I'm kind of excited about it.

This week's Now magazine is called 'The Money Issue'.  The link is to their article on 'Slow money wins the race'.  Some of it talks about how money that goes to a chain gets 'whisked out of the economy, often within 24 hours' and discusses ways to slow it down and keep it hanging about serving the community.  An interesting factoid:  'A litre of Ontario wine sold in Ontario puts $8.48 back in the economy, compared to 67 cents from an import.'  There are more articles on various topics including ethical local investing, and a good one on DIY financial planning. I mean to check out a program called '' after reading it.

On the shopping news front, another purchase last night.  I spent about an hour and a half trying on a mile of sweaters.  Slightly ridiculous, because I actually have many cardigans.  But I do wear a lot of them, so they are something I obviously like and use.  I ended up buying two that I am pleased with, and spent $49.98 on the pair of them.  Still lots of work to do to finish getting the items on my list and finalize some goals for the rest of the year.  Hopefully tomorrow will bring the just right coffee shop, blank page, & comfortable writing surface moment to pull all that together.


p.s.: Mom told me to keep a pretty, red, $50 bill in my wallet but not to spend it.  She said it encourages you to feel wealthy, and for just-in-cases you do have that money, so you never truly feel broke. Rather, you feel like you are making a wise decision not to spend it. She also thinks it encourages other money to come and keep it (the red 50) company. I've had my lucky $50 in there since January 5th. So far so good. 

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