Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Shopping for Free

My second day of shopping was not very expensive as I basically just used a gift card I got for Indigo to shop.  I enjoyed browsing around to make my choices and finally fixed upon the following:
1. a Vegan cookbook (I'm NOT vegan, but I'd like to make more meatless meals).
2. a clean food cookbook (I'd like to cook less processed type things, and this is that kind of cookbook).
3. three different sizes of Moleskine notebooks for my wife and I (big ones for planning, little tiny ones for catching thoughts in, and medium ones for carrying).

I'm using one of the the big ones to do my Annual Review like Chris Guillebeau suggests, right now.  I'll have to call it a night and resume tomorrow.   I'm taking the liberty of using week one of 2011 to fine tune the planning, since my vacation didn't begin until the year was upon us. I like these three passages from Chris' blog:
You can have anything you want.  But everything at the same time.  You may have to give up something to achieve something else - so it's better to know what's most important to you in your own version of world domination...
and he quotes Donald Miller writing:
Meaningful lives don't just happen by accident.  (Thus I plan).  You have to make deliberate decisions at some point.  If you know what you value and what you're working towards, it's easier to make those decisions.
and finally:
When we find ourselves stuck in a situation and unable to move forward, something has to change.  It is unnecessary and potentially fatal to rely on others to create change for us.  Who's responsible for creating change? I am.

These, along with his specific guidelines and examples are really helping me to work on this annual review idea.  I am recognizing that without specifics it's easy for me to drift or backpedal.

For tomorrow, I'll still be in Ottawa and our plan is to go to Value Village, then Winner's and Home Sense with my baby sister and mother.  It was my idea to start with the Village, so that we can try to get whatever-it-is second hand first.  They were agreeable.

Check out this gal's post, who is doing a Nothing New Year in 2011: Life's Many Colors, and used some of my ground rules from last year to draft her own!

Talk soon,
xo Tara

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Sheila said...

Hi Tara, thanks for the mention. I love reading your blog, thanks for the inspiration!