Friday, January 14, 2011

Shopping Update

I've added some items to my growing list of shopping I've done this month. If you're new to this, I didn't buy anything new for a year, but am allowing myself a month of shopping (January 2011) and will resume my nothing new plan for the rest of 2011.

Last night I bought some long gloves (now I have two pairs, so decadent) for my vintage swing coat with 3/4 length sleeves, and after two separate trips to the mall fully 12 days apart, bought a cape style winter coat.  I've always wanted one. You can put it on over things that don't easily fit under a coat (i.e.: a poncho or wrap), and it speaks to the inner vampire in me. Just kidding, it's not black, it's more of a tweed. The gloves were 1/2 price at around $12.50, and the cape was actually about 70% off and came in at $85 big ones.

But this is the most exciting news of the day. I popped into the pharmacy to get some deodorant and toothpaste as we are running low. I thought I'd get the same one we got last time, it was fine and lasted a while. It's called 'Ban'. I scanned the shelves and discovered to my delight that they were on sale for 36 cents! I bought all of them.  I recommend any other people who hate spending money on toiletries rush out to PharmaPlus and stock up on their Ban deodorant. But don't go to the one at Dundas West and Bloor. There's none left. Oh Oh. I think I'm turning into my depression era Nanny.

I'm off to have dinner with my friends Tara and Anya. If you'll recall, one of my goals is to do 'friend outreach' on Fridays. My wife typically works late on that evening, and I get off early. I love it when other people cook for me! A great start to my weekend.

xo Tara

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