Friday, January 7, 2011

Winning is Nice

I forgot to mention, I won the Kindle eReader contest with  It turns out it's back ordered, so it may take a little while to get it, but it is exciting to be the winner.  And nice to have my efforts (and those of my friends who helped me out) at helping this favour exchange network grow, rewarded so literally.

I am a big reader and am curious to try this new fangled way of getting my read on.  Also, I will be chatting soon with a very interesting woman named Lisa Gansky that I heard about through icancanu. She wrote a book called 'The Mesh' about how 'the future of business is sharing'.  I'm intrigued and it seems to suit my goals for decreasing consumption and the ethos of icancanu, too.  Perhaps I'll read The Mesh on my new Kindle.

Re: my January shopping, I just remembered that during the long year of not shopping I was a bit sad for want of: 1. a new bathing suit I wouldn't have to be 'ashamed for me life' to wear (as Nanny Stuckless might have worded it), 2. a Tilly hat, 3. summery shoes.  I'll keep these in mind during my January shopping.

I've ramped up my new stuff as of yesterday.  I added to the meager Ottawa mall haul (potato peeler and scarf), by getting socks, tights and a pair of on sale shoe-boots here in Toronto.  Very exciting stuff.  Three weeks of shopping freedom to go...

Been enjoying my mini-vacation.  Met friends visiting from living in England at a restaurant (cool, locovore type place called Brockton General - I would recommend it) last night and stayed up a little late. Today I slept in a bit, had an eyebrow threading and then lunch with an old friend.  So decadent not to go to work and be in the city. 

Talk soon,
xo Tara

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RollerScrapper said...

Congrats! I also have to say that tilly hats are awesome and guaranteed for life!