Sunday, February 27, 2011

So Many Money Decisions


It's the end of another break neck week of work and fun.  I've been working overtime on my friend and family outreach efforts and on not buying anything new.  In fact, just yesterday I finally unpacked my many, many new sock's from January's shopping blow out.  If you take long enough to unpack, it feels like a whole nother free, fresh treat - kind of like finding money in your winter coat when you haul it out of storage.

This week also held lots of lovely gatherings and groupings including but not limited to: a work debrief over pitchers of brew; an all-female stand-up comedy recital by some amazing students of my gifted wife ("Special Ops"); My book club ("Room: a Novel", read it!); meeting up with a long lost newly engaged pal for a toast; learning to 'cable' at knitting night with young lesbians in a sports bar...Pictures pending...(thank you in advance, Sera!); yummy mac & cheese and multiple, nostalgic, vintage gifts from my great aunt who is moving in 3 weeks to a condo and frantically downsizing (like wine glasses and decanter from my late Nanny's 1st year of marriage 63 years ago); volunteering; and today a date to see Sandra Shamas' latest show at Winter Garden theatre.All this on top of two jobs. Phew.

Besides this good stuff, I find out today that I might get a chance to go to Boston on March 9th to accompany my wife. She is performing in a female comedy festival there.  If I can get it off work, I can see Boston for the first time, and serendipitously arrive on the day that my youngest cousin submits her thesis to Harvard.  I've been meaning to get down there to see her and tour the city and the university and all that for almost 4 years. The countdown is on before she graduates and it's too late for me to get the real insider scoop.  So, please cross your fingers that work-one and work-two can spare me for three days at super short notice.

Last year around this time I suddenly decided to go to the Olympics - my first trip to Vancouver.  As I think about it, I ended up doing 5 trips to Newfoundland and a trip out to British Columbia last year, on top of doing all that saving and not buying stuff.  This year, I've got these hard core debt repayment goals, but now possible trips are cropping up.  Boston.  Maybe Washington.  (We have an aunt, who amazingly has moved to D.C. right on the main drag in a sweet diplomatic home with rooms to spare for visiting nieces.) Newfoundland  for family and probably my grandmother's 90th birthday. Scotland in the summer. 

All the travel possibilities have me excited, but then a bit of anxiety starts rising as I think of the cost etc.  I do think it's important to take care of business (TCB), but I also want to live and have experiences; acting as our pal Mae Martin would say, more or less, 'young and free'. I want to pay off that albatross debt AND have lots of fun travel memories to look back on when this year is at its end.  I am feeling a little bit more that I should not say 'no' to too many spontaneous opportunities. I don't want to be cheaping out on cool experiences.  Friends who suddenly became ill and now can't enjoy the retirement they saved up and sacrificed for, makes me not want to be erring too far in that direction. So, I'm making my way, two steps forward, one step back, towards both financial freedom, and a life more than half lived.

Okay, enough about me. I've got to go and get organized for the rigors of tomorrow.

xo Tara

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