Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Vintage Cloak

I gave up buying new again as of Feb. 1st and already the universe is providing in terms of me not needing to buy new stuff.  My mother-in-law showed up with a gorgeous long, black, winter cloak made of cashmere and blended wool.  It was made in a Toronto shop, and has genuine vintage cred.  It's original owner is my wife's grandfather's girlfriend.  She has recently moved to a nursing home and was one meticulously attired and groomed lady.  My wife deemed it way too girly for her and perfect for me.  It fits so great. It would seem that my cup runneth over with an embarrassment of riches.  I now have not one but two cloaks/capes (since I bought one during my January shopping frenzy - see yesterday's post for long list of shopping escapades).  This one is solid black, longer, and luxuriant, well made vintage cashmere.  The other one is fuller, shorter, tweed mixed black and white.  Nice enough, but not nearly as awesome.

In other news, it is seriously my bedtime.  I've stayed up too late catching up on email, which goes against my new world order of bedtime by 11:00pm.  But I have kept up with my rigid packing-my-lunch-before-going-to-bed rule.  Honestly, if you are trying to be healthy, you spend most of your life standing in the kitchen packing your lunch.  So you might as well learn to like it, right?  I'm practicing mindfulness as I prepare my lunch.  A handy way to kill two birds with one joyful stone.

xo Tara

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