Saturday, March 12, 2011

Confessions from Boston

I'm writing from Boston where I did indeed come with my wife and two friends for the Women In Comedy Festival.  It's been great seeing her (and Deb) perform and checking out the comedy stylings from women all over the states.  I'm having an evening in at our super cheap four star hotel (Thank you Priceline!) since I've had a few late nights in a row.

I've also been slow to recover from a cold/flu thing that held me hard and fast in it's ugly grip for a week and half. Ugh.

Now, for confession time. I've been shopping.

I let my wife buy me shoes.  Nice, Merill shoes that are well-made, were on sale for 45 bucks and look super cute on me. I also let her buy me a t-shirt from the Harvard Bookstore.  My cousin Tessie took us on a tour, and who can resist Harvard Swag? We had a lovely tour of her campus. The Harvard Yard was ALMOST as great as my epic Harvard Nap yesterday.  Yesterday I met up with Tessie on my own and we spent three of my four visiting hours having a decadent afternoon nap in her newly purchased W Hotel bed in her Harvard undergrad residence, Adam's Hall.  It was the best!

But back to my confessions. I ended up buying underwear, a bathing suit cover up, and capri's with a built in skirt.  I feel okay about all the purchases because they seem justified, but a little weird because I feel like I am 'cheating'.  The underwear are good quality, cheap, and I didn't really get that many undies in January especially of the non-cotton kind.  The bathing suit cover up makes it possible to use the bathing suit in public, which sounds reasonable.

And as for the 'skapris', they are something I've basically been waiting for years for someone to invent.  My wife and I love skorts. In this embarrassing video from my blog's inception on December 31st 2009, I found a pair of capris with built in running skirt the day before my year of not shopping.  I LOVE this thing and wear it all the time, but it is a sportsy article of clothing, with a breast cancer logo on it, and not really appropriate for evening-out wear, for example.  And here I am in the United States at Macy's and low and behold they have 'skapris' (skirt capris) and I am putty in their hands.  I must have them.

So, this year, my goal of not buying new again from February onwards has been besmirched.  I guess I am less committed to it than 2010 because I don't have something to prove in the same way.  I did go a year without shopping already. It's not that I'm going bananas with shopping, but I am allowing myself to make exceptions that I did not make in 2010.  I simply did not get anything last year. This year 'if it's justified' I'm obviously more willing to let it slide. Hopefully I will manage to keep my barometer for what's justifiable reasonable, but clearly I'm having more trouble denying myself this year. Hmmm.

Saving money, not being wasteful, and becoming less cluttered are all good reasons for me to keep on trucking with the no new goal.  And like being healthy, it's probably best to think of tomorrow as a new day, rather than consider the whole of 2011 a wash after one little Boston binge.

Back in Toronto and regular life on Sunday.

Nighty Night
xo Tara


We are thinking about our uncle, aunt and niece, who are thankfully okay in Japan today.  Uncle Ian did post on CBC: on Citizen Byte.


christy said...

Uh? That link took me to a news article about the earthquake in Japan. I really want to know what skapris are. Haha.

No New is Good News said...

Oh yeah, the link was about my uncle in Japan, but if you want to know about the magic of Skapri's here's a link. I got mine cheaper for $25 at Macy's with a coupon the cashier gave me for being from Canada :)