Monday, August 8, 2011

Bubble Girl

feeling strangely like I've been in a bubble looking at the news of riots in Clapham and Hackney where I slept my last night in London and had a lovely evening. That was Friday night and I headed up to Scotland Saturday with a full day on the train. since I've been here I've spent most of my time watching or pitching comedy shows,and am only hearing about the London riots now. ugh. It's so disturbing to see and think about this senseless violence and waste. It is so glaringly contrasting with the individual experiences I've been having with Strangers giving us lifts and drives, laughing all day long till my cheeks hurt, and buying us drinks and so on.

My sweet UK experiences include sitting on a patio bar in Edinburgh and the owner bringing us blankets. You need a stash of blankets to keep a rainy summer patio business running in Scotland. and the patios are packed full of people despite the October like weather. It's so cozy and charming!

Getting laundry advice from a fellow named Jason. I complained that I had to take my wet clothing on the road with me when I went on to location B, on my vacation, after it failed to dry after a full day hanging at my brother-in-law's place in London. Jason said 'If my clothing takes more than three days to dry, I take it to the launderette'.

Off to bed with a full head.


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