Monday, August 8, 2011

Sunshine on Leith

I'm delighted to be reporting in from the Edinburgh Fringe. I've come with my wife, who is a delightful stand up and we are enjoying the first rays of sun since I joined her on Saturday. the free Fringe, which she is a part of, is a fitting subject for No New For Tara. we have to pass a hat after her shows and are trying to live on the unpredictable rewards. It meams husbanding our resources, packing 'sammies', walking some places, and kind of acting like we are students. we are having a blast. Strangers are being so nice to us, and we are trying to humbly throw ourselves into the act of drumming up business for the shows and radically accepting what happens after that. so far so good. also, in the lottery of life we lucked out with our land lady who is amazing. She is cooking for us and giving us insider tips and we have friends who are not doing so hot with crowded messy venues and sweating Walls. we have the run of our place and even our own loo.


P.s. If you are in Edinburgh come out to one of the shows and I'll stnd you a pint! 5:15 at the Street or 8:50 at the Medina.

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