Saturday, July 28, 2012

Hi Guys,

Obviously I've back slid on my goal of regular bloggery this year.

Some goals, I haven't been such a slacker on, though, and I am here to tell you about them, if you will but bear with me.  First, I wanted to give a shout out to my sister, Tena, and her latest post, which you can click on below. She is a teacher who writes, and is trying to make the most of her time off this summer to finish up her beautiful novel.

Moving Meditations - My Twin's Blog on writing and other things

So, back to me, and some updates for people who like that kind of thing :)

On the Financial Freedom Front, life is still kind of hard. I'm still rocking out at two jobs. One full time, one 2 days a week, and yes, it is aging me! The good news is that I am getting ever closer to being able to semi-retire and go down to one job. For me, what I've realistically decided, is that I need to be finished my befrigged student loan in order to give up my second job. This is now 18 months away. Not that close, but not that far away.

I wrote down every nickle I spent for the first four months of 2012, but have not followed up with the excel spreadsheet as I wanted to. My problem is that I have a mac with no word at home, and using the spreadsheet at work only wasn't really cutting it. I need to get word for mac at home...

I have also been working on paying down other debts besides my student loan so that life can get simpler. And, I am getting much closer to my goal weight, so the possible gig as a weight watcher's instructor is not so far far off.

Speaking of that, I talked at some length about my fitness goals in January's posts 7 Small Steps and Clean Slate. So here's where I'm at:

Since January 2010, I've lost about 46 lbs. I lost about 21 of that since January 2011. In fact, in June 2012 I won my bootcamp's 'Body Transformation Contest', which ran for 9 weeks and really helped me focus on getting very close to my final goal. It was very fun, energizing, and meant that I win three free months of bootcamp! This is a great thing for me (roughly equals $600), but my Mom was joking that many people would consider this more of a punishment than a prize. I've been going to this bootcamp since September 2011 and I have to tip my hat to them for respecting my various injuries, working around them, and keeping it interesting enough that I've maintained getting there for 6:30 a.m. three times a week (mostly) for almost eleven months now!

If you want to have a nosy, here's their blog post on the night, you can scroll down and see that I won the bootcamp contest and there is a photo of me with some of my fellow workout dudes. The post is called 'Your Wednesday Morning Inspiration'.

What has been particularly motivating about all this fitness stuff is that I'm shrinking and can wear things I haven not worn in years. Also, as I get smaller, I'm running out of old small clothing and some of it is also getting too big, so you thrifty types will be happy to hear I've been doing my shopping sprees at Value Village's 50% off day sales! I got 12 pieces of clothing for $44 dollars recently, so that I could wear bottoms that fit and not break the bank. Also, I like the idea of the whole reuse/recycle with clothing (so long as they can tolerate the hot wash and hot dryer when I get them home - I have a healthy paranoia of beg bugs). And, I'm not sure what weight I'm going to bottom out at, so the Village is a good choice on that front too.

Also, this seriously cool thing is happening: I get to go to Ethiopia for a month on September 22nd! I'll be going to teach psychiatry residents and front line workers in mental health with 5 other women. This will necessitate some spending, but my flight, accommodation, and pay during this time is covered. And it is a once in a life time opportunity to see a completely different place. I will be blogging about it if it is humanly possible to get internet connections while I am there.

I'll be needing to visit the Village for appropriate wardrobe. Apparently our Ethiopian colleagues are more formal and modest in their work attire, so I'll need what was termed 'a missionary wardrobe', with no bare shoulders, no low-cut tops, and only below-knee-length, rather full skirts. Hmmm.

Anyway, enough about me, hope you are well, and life is good!

Until next time,

xo Tara

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