Wednesday, January 30, 2019

100 Days to 100

Hi there,

My twin pointed out it is 100 days until we turn 100. Wowie. She also talked about making them count rather than counting down. I like that idea, but I also want to embrace whatever is coming after. I'm trying to get more ease and pleasure and control and surrender and mastery and simplicity and personal growth and whatnot as I creep into my dotage. You know, the usual. What about you guys? Samesies? Right on.

It's a little surreal to realize my 40's are really in the home stretch and I have this whole new gig coming up. But I'm kind of digging it. Like others, I've got a bit of a job to fathom myself turning 50. I feel like I've cheated the aging system a little with a neat, unconventional wife and life that has let me keep playing. Perhaps this is how everyone at this juncture feels. Perhaps I'm just mid-century modern. :)


P.S. I'm definitely planning to pack in some fun experiences, celebrations, and trips to mark this year, since I'm not buying any new stuff. Working on the details.

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