Monday, January 21, 2019

A Step

Hi there,

I"m keeping this super brief because I need to go to bed!

Tonight's comedy show was a smashing success with standing room only on the second coldest night of the year.

And guess what? I made my first 'prepayment' on my mortgage today. $110 found dollars. Not big but getting the ball rolling by doing it. Now I just need to scrounge up $490 more this month and repeat monthly for the next 16 years. Easy peasy. Yeah right. The thought of shaving 9 years off my mortgage if I pull this off is a very appetitive stimulus though, so fingers crossed.

Also, I forgot my headphones at work, so I had about 90 minutes of evening commuting between various locations without their protective bubble, and again I did not buy myself dollar store replacements for the night. I am telling myself I'm working on getting better at remembering the ones I do have, through repeated exposure to the discomfort of not having them. :)

Oh! I paid off my expensive eye glasses (I now need progressives and have astigmatism. Ugh.). So the only remaining debts on my plate are to the bank. Big ones, but at least they are all in one place. Holding steady at 21 days of buying nothing new. I'll leave it on that for now.

Nighty night and sweetest dreams,


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