Friday, January 11, 2019

All Quiet on The Westender Front

Hi there,

Not much to report tonight. I had a mellow evening in with my wife in our cozy west end condo. We watched the Sisters Brothers movie and I made dinner. I enjoyed it, especially after reading the book a few years ago. I'm going to be having a kind of low key weekend of domestic felicity and doing some work prep. I have a couple of new groups starting next week and need to do some homework of my own just to feel properly on top of things.

I'm also going to try an easy, new recipe from a stack of healthy, fast ones I've been letting pile up without acting on. Hopefully, I'll do food planning and prep for the week ahead and do a bit more purging and whatnot.

I have stayed true to not buying anything new for 11 whole days now. Hey, I haven't even bought anything used yet, so I'm basically just sitting here on my high horse, polishing my halo.

I do have a couple of birthdays next weekend, so I need to think a little about how I'll be gifting without getting anything new. I will need to either give consumables, money, or make something.

I've also got to ransack my closet and perhaps my sister's, since I cannot shop. I will be seeking turtlenecks, scarfs, and kerchiefs as I seem to be a tad shy on these items. My cosmetic vanity has me needing to cover up until my skin has healed from some skin treatments today. Serves me right, as it is basically the collateral damage from all that sun kissed, dumb assed tanning-drenched-in-baby-oil I did in the 80's and 90's. Anything to magnify the sun's rays to the max. Oh man, I used to love the smell of my tanned skin and baby oil, at the end of a long day of sunbathing. Hilarious that it felt so healthy. Now I'm like a vampire sitting in the shadiest spot on any patio.

Oh well, dealing with a few dark spots at 49 is a small price to pay for rocking that hot, oiled, bronzed look through my teens and 20's, amirite? :)

Time to hit the sack, it's been a longish day.


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