Monday, January 14, 2019

Cupboards Now Sparking Joy

Hi there,

I'm keeping this brief as I'm midway through some serious kitchen tidying and purging. I've gone through several cupboards and am enjoying some discovery and uncovering - and some 'thank you and good bye!' I'm trying to keep in mind the 'Does it Spark Joy?!' question by Marie Kondo as I decide what to keep and what to release.

I've lined up my spices in a way that totally sparks joy, and gotten rid of a bunch of them.

The photo is too dark, but use your imagination and see how they are lined up like little soldiers.

But most delightful, is how I used her method of folding and 'filing' in the kitchen. I created a box of napkins, placemats, and table clothes where I can see all the items and the box fits 3x as much as it did before. Getting this organized step-by-step is a very nerdy thrill.

It's a good fit for a year of not shopping because I am finding things I forgot I had - or had no idea where to locate. With things tidier and sparser, I'm exponentially increasing the odds of my ability to find them again, thereby decreasing my temptation to just lazily shop to replace something I already have but can't lay my mitts on.

I'm also doing that thing where I am questioning why I'm hanging on to things. To be fair, I'm still hanging on to lots of things, but less of things than before. :)

Today marks two weeks of not shopping for anything new (or anything used for that matter.)

Have a great evening!


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