Thursday, January 3, 2019

Dilemma at Day 2 and Update re: Quitting Second Job


I've been having so much fun on my Christmas break, that all my posts are super late and show up as the next day. In my world, it's still Jan. 2nd, but since it's almost 2am, it's gonna show up as Jan. 3rd.

So, on a positive note, my single episode viewing of the Marie Kondo show was so inspiring I clutter busted and purged most of today (to the tune of 6 large bags walking out the door!). I have a lot more to do to finalize my room, but it already feels so much more bearable in terms of breathing space and I can almost smell the chi flowing :)

I also had the chance to do some cooking at home and chill out with my wife a bit and have a fun visit with a dear old pal who now lives in California at my twin's house. Funny enough we have a history of poetry readings in our 20's together, and I was able to delight them with a call back to haiku's I had written on Nov. 17th, 2010, thanks to my recent reread of my blog! What a boon to memory.

So this happened today... While chucking some garbage down the shoot, my cell fell and did a major screen-shattering face plant. It is still usable (for now) but shards are coming out, and it may not last long. In fact it went a bit berserk when I put it on airplane settings. It had to be rebooted to find a signal after it stayed stuck in searching endlessly.

I did not anticipate this one, though my phone is over two years old and had a couple of minor cracks in it leading up to today. I guess my choices, since I cannot buy anything new are: 1. get a used phone, 2. repair the phone I have (IF they will do this. I have also dropped this phone in a 'clean' but very wet toilet bowl and it survived, so they may somehow know about water damage and refuse to open it), 3. I could get a gifted phone, 4. I could get a free phone (which would not be buying anything), but would be new.

So my question is, if it is free, is it like a gift, so I can have it (see my ground rules)? Or is it cheating? In a way the 'free phone' option that often comes offered with a cell plan when renewed is a bit like stepping out of being such a consumer for me, because I know in the past I've been guilty of wanting the latest and greatest version of the iphone for example, and feeling a bit held hostage about the price. Anyway, I'll have to get ponderous about it before I decide how to proceed.

I've also wanted to update on some dangling questions left over from bloggery of days gone by. I noticed how often and longingly I mentioned the goal of quitting my second job, and 'semi-retiring' by going down to just my full time job, when I was blogging in 2010-2012. I had even set a 'quit by date'. I can happily tell you that I finally did quit that job (in the summer of 2013 - a tad later than planned) and enjoyed my semi retirement for a few months, before heading back to school to begin a Masters of Science program in 2014 which I did on the side while working full time. That ended in 2017 and was about as gruelling as you would expect. I put in as many hours as I had at my part time job (and in the end about triple that), and of course it cost me money, rather than making me money. But I learned a thing or two and came out of it with something for myself rather than just working away at two jobs in order to be broke at the end of the month, as the joke goes.

In late 2017, I did one year in a leadership position- starting just after the masters finished. I was making more money, but working more hours and I was significantly LESS happy. I decided at year's end not to apply permanently for that leadership position and ended up switching roles a couple of months ago into a new initiative which is making me VERY happy! I'm learning a lot of new things, leading groups, getting lots of professional development and consultation, to help me be better at what I do. All in the company of keen, dynamic, interesting professionals. It is very energizing right now, and for that I am grateful!

Anyway, that's it for me tonight. I'll catch you up on what's up on a few other things as we go along. I'm trying to blog regularly to rebuild the habit. Also, as I think Gretchen Rubin says, it's easier to do something every day than once in a while. (But I cannot find the quotation and it's so late!).

Nighty night,


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