Thursday, January 24, 2019

Guster Concert Sparks Shopping Dilemma

Hi there,

I need to figure out how to blog from my phone, because the last two nights I stayed at my sister's and could not remember my password, and so missed out on blogging. I find it easier to do if I do it 'daily', than just 'occasionally'.

So on Tuesday night, I went to see Guster, a band I've loved for 20 years, and who I have not seen in over a decade. They played a very fun and heartwarming show to a crowd of adoring fans. Many of us were singing along to songs we knew by heart from their various albums, as well as enjoying their new songs.

How much I dug seeing and hearing live music reminded me: I need more music in my life! It also brought me face to face with a fresh dilemma. I wanted Guster merch! The last time I saw them live was about 14 years ago. Apparently they were here 4 years ago, but I missed it. I was seriously bummed.

I was with my twin, who suggested she buy it for me as a gift. (My ground rules allow me to receive gifts). It turns out she did not have any cash on her! I ended up giving her cash for the evening so she could buy drinks and she used some of it to get herself a couple of their CDs and bought me a cup that says 'Guster'. I really wanted it. But, since I gave her the money, I said that I cannot take it. I need her to repay me the money I lent her and she will need to literally give it to me as a gift, or I will not accept it. This is a strange loophole, but the closest I could come to obeying the ground rules. It feels a bit like cheating. But in any case, I do not have the cup and will not accept the cup until she makes a proper gift of it. She may decide to keep it for that matter.

It is perhaps, the only thing that has been a real longing for me so far, in the shopping department.

Anyway, I'm going to sign off and chase the eternal dream of a good sleep.


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