Tuesday, January 29, 2019


Hi there,

I'm just checking in to confirm no shopping has happened, and that I'm still working on my various goals of minimizing, decluttering, and making extra mortgage payments.

I brought up this topic at work with a coworker gal, who said, 'Oh cool, I can give you my hand-me-downs.' I love it! I love getting free used clothing from others.

When we were kids my single mom would periodically come home with a garbage bag of clothing for my twin and I from a friend's kid who was a couple of years older than us. Or so we thought. We found out later it was second hand clothing from a thrift shop but less stigmatizing to admit it than to say it came from a pal who's kid outgrew it and wanted it to get some use. Or maybe it was that mom thought we'd be more enthusiastic about it if we thought it came from a cool, slightly older girl. I must remember to re-ask for the details.

I have for many years liked second hand clothing just fine. But I think in small town Newfoundland in particular, where people might even recognize the donated clothing you were wearing, it was not cool when we were young. But buddy, when we moved up to the mainland, the sky was the limit. Used clothing is good for so many reasons including the environment and getting off the fashion treadmill. It also seems like the world is catching on to being more thrifty of necessity perhaps. It's easier to get separate checks, to find used items, to barter and trade items, and autoshare etc. These changes combined with me caring less what others think about my spending etc. are helpful. I had ingrained in me to be a big spender by my years of bartending I think, where the culture is to buy rounds and spend a lot when you go out etc.

Anyway, it's way past my bedtime,


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Anonymous said...

L'enfer, c'est les autres. -Jean-Paul Sartre

Life is simpler the less you care what other people think ;)