Saturday, January 12, 2019

Hanging In

Hey there,

That is a way of saying both that I'm chilling at home yet again, and that I have continued to be true to my 2019 mission of not shopping for the new. Today I had a pleasing lunch date with my twin, where we brainstormed some ideas for our 50th birthday (or as she likes to call it, our 100th birthday). After this, I did the aforementioned ransacking of her house for veil like scarfy things and turtlenecks. Then I did a really big grocery shop. When I got home, we watched a friend's Netflix special, (DeAnne Smith, she's great), and I cooked up one of the new recipes I've been meaning to try, "Creamy Tarragon Chicken" and it got rated "Yummy" by my wife.

I'm a bit beat from running around and doing lots of kitchen stuff and other chores, so I think I'll probably not do too much more productive this evening. I may cock up me legs, as dad would say, and watch another episode of Marie Kondo for a little boost of purging energy for later this weekend.

Tomorrow I will need to hit the ground running, between home stuff and needing to go into work for a bit to make Monday's demands even feasible to pull off. I will practice radically accepting that my indentured servitude tomorrow will make Monday a breezier experience for me at work.

I still have not heard back from the store I ordered (and paid for) my phone screen from on Tuesday, and now my phone is definitely working worse and worse with the multiple cracks meaning sometimes my taps are not doing what they ought. Hope they figure it out soon, so I can resume sexting day and night. Just kidding. Gotta sleep sometimes too, right? :)

Have a good night,


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