Tuesday, January 1, 2019

Happy New Year!!

Well hello strangers,

Happy 2019. I've spent some time over the holiday break dusting off and rereading my blog from the beginning (I began it in 2009), as it was recently brought up to me by someone who just began reading it. As you can see, it's been an literally an age since I've connected! I mean it - it's been so long it actually predates millennials starting to use 'literally' as a synonym for 'metaphorically' :)

So, what I wanted to say is that it's gotten me thinking about where I'm at right now, what I want out of 2019, and also that I should fill in some of the loose threads since I last wrote.

It is VERY late, and I'm lucky enough to have a socially packed holiday calendar and some days off work, so I will keep tonight brief. But I will say that in the next couple of days I'll be checking in about all the juicy details of my 2019 New Year's Resolution to repeat a year of not buying anything new (nine years later!). What can I say? I love to capitalize on a project that starts on January 1st.

I will also weigh in on my new ground rules for this year; and fill you in on cliffhangers like: Did Tara ever 'semi-retire' as she dreamed about by quitting her befrigged second job? What happened in Ethiopia? Why on earth is she doing this again? What's going on with money saving/debt reduction, and other assorted goals in her life etc. etc. (Maybe as a bonus, I can comment on anachronistic things I noticed rereading the blog that make it seem quaint or dated or time stamped... borrowing a boxset of DVDs anyone? Not having a smart phone?)

Also, I'll be needing new resources to connect with related to not buying new things/ being thrifty/ being less consumeristic. Many of the links I used in the past for inspiration are not active anymore. For that matter, I'll also need to remember/refresh on how to use the functions of this to add images, links and whatnot!

Stay tuned and looking forward to chatting soon.



Anonymous said...

This is so exciting! Good luck :)

No New is Good News said...

thank you!!